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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hops, The Jam, $2 Cask and Eggplant!

Hop Lovers Unite!
Thursday August 4th is IPA Day!

A beer blogger has deemed it so and plenty of people are jumping on the train because, well, why the heck not? We will have plenty of them on from Pliny to Ranger to maybe a few offerings from FirestoneWalker and beyond. Perhaps even a flight (watch Facebook for up to the minute updates.)
Friday's Progressive Cask: Firestone Walker Pale 31
$2 till 2pm!

And then next Monday (Aug 8)... scooter on over...
Music Movie Miho Monday: The Jam
We've got live concert footage of The Jam as well as their music video collection. All with the sound on loud.  Mondays are super fun- our kitchen is closed, but Miho GastroTruck is parked outside serving their delicious food. Our bar is open and friendly. 

August 15th will be an all SKA night.

Then on Wednesday, August 10, it's USA vs. Mexico!
Soccer, of course. We think this international friendly starts at 6pm. It will be on.

In Food News...
Eggplant is being smoked in house for a pizza, Chino corn is being roasted for another pizza, tomatoes are in all their glory on the Caprese, and the Padrons from Suzie's haven't quite hit their hottest yet. Yep, it's Summer! Enjoy it... 

...but drink and drive responsibly. Just as a final note, a business, a tree and one of our beloved employees were all hit by a drunk driver this week. That's three different drunk drivers on Adams Ave. Barberside is reopened for business, the tree not so much, and our employee, who was on his bike, will heal up in a few weeks-all bad, but it all could have been so much worse.  Beer is great, we ascribe to that tenet wholeheartedly, but when you drink it (and other libations we don't trade in), you got to not drive.