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Saturday, March 17, 2012


At last count we have 13+ Black Craft Beers to tap for St. Paddy's Day.

Monkey Paw Downs Family Irish Stout Nitro
Ballast Point Sextant Stout Nitro
Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter Nitro
Mother Earth Coffee Porter Nitro
Alpine Odins Raven Imperial Porter Nitro
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter Nitro

Also on tap, you can find everything from Black IPA to Black Lager (aka Schwarzbier)...and even Black Tea (iced tea from Halcyon Tea:) !

Oh, and don't miss our on the limited edition BLACK SATURDAY t-shirts. They're a total Black Sabbath rip-off and they're awesome. We printed just 10 dozen (120) shirts.

Not at BLAH or T!T! We're serving Black Craft Beers only. If you want a Guinness, head over to one of our Irish neighbors and get yourself a proper pint. Ould Sod has been called the best pint in town by most of our Irish friend. So, say "hi" and don't be surprised if you see us squeezed in the corner.

BTW, IT'S St. PaDDy's not PaTTy's Day.