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Thursday, February 28, 2013

02/28/13 - BEER & SPECIALS

Our beers change constantly because no beer owns a line at Blind Lady Ale House. We typically order one keg at a time and when it's gone we clean the line for the next one up. This assures you, the customer, an ever changing selection served through the cleanest/shortest lines possible.
Our Seasonal "Specials" change constantly, as well. We purchase through small/local sources and don't do business with any of the big boys who sell food a the lowest price and quality. Almost all of our produce is grown in San Diego County, with some coming from around Southern California. 
Our meats only come through sources where we know what's up. Our Chef picks sources he trusts and then crafts house-made sausage, chorizo, soyrizo, ciccioli, country pate, chicken liver pate and brats. Yep, they are all made in house from the best possible meats we can find.

We won't drop any names, but those big trucks you see dropping food off all over town don't stop in front of our place, and if they do, you can be sure it's not for us. We just won't do it.