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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Pizzas, Made at Home

Remember, these were made in my 1969 brown electric double oven at my house that has seen better days. Still, they look nice. We've made a bunch of variations on the dough, but the best is the original.

Egg cracked on. White was hard, yolk was soft.

After reading something about asparagus being extra good for digestion...

Jeff wanted me to try putting the proscuitto on before instead of the RIGHT way, after. In other words, it shouldn't cook. He thought it was tasty. It was better when we added the soft proscuitto with a bite. The saltiness was nice with the artichokes.

Look! Browning! On the bottom! In my sad oven!
All the pizza blogs show a side photo so I figured I should too. Some bubbles, some air. This crust has a really nice chewiness yet it's thin and crisp as well.
Tonight's artichoke and roasted mushroom.