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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Tuesday, Feb 3rd at 11:30am
Automatic Beer Release: Watch for a bunch of Auto beer coming out this week.
Rare Beer Lunch: If you like rustic Belgian ales, you should be there.
Keeper Glass: 6th Anniversary glasses. 6pm
Anniv Merch: Shirts, Hoodies, and stuff. It should all come in at some point on Tuesday and we'll start selling it as soon as possible. Watch Twitter & Instagram for updates.

Wednesday, Feb 4th at 11:30am
Rare Beer Lunch: Lost Abbey Track 10, Angel’s Share & Cuvee de Tomme.
Blind IPA Challenge: It's back.
Automatic Beer Release

Thursday, Feb 5th
Rare Beer Lunch: Firestone Sucaba, XVIII & Opal at 11:30am 
CANniversary with keeper koozies at 5pm
Automatic Beer Release

Friday, Feb 6th
Progressive Kegs Gone Wild: Tons of $4 beers from 11:30am til 4pm
Rare Beer Lunch: Avery Twerk, Avery Collaboration Not Litigation, Russian River Consecration
Automatic Cask: 11:30am

Saturday, Feb 7th
Cape Run: Event is SOLD OUT
Automatic Beer Release

Sunday, Feb 8th
Mystery Ride: Join us at 11:30am and we'll take off for a 25-ish round trip bike ride. There will be at least one big hill involved. Be warned.
Automatic Flights: 6 Automatic Beers Side-By-Side

Also on Sunday, Feb 8th, 5pm-Midnite...
Customer Appreciation Night
Wear any year BLAH Anniversary shirt or hoodie and save…
6th anniv = 5%
5th anniv = 10%
4th anniv = 15%
3rd anniv = 20%
2nd anniv = 25%
1st anniv = 30%

As usual, everything is subject to change!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Week in Beer 2/27/2015

Monday, January 19, 2015


We're proud to be a part of Draft Magazine's "AMERICA'S 100 BEST BEER BARS" for the 6th year in a row. That makes it every year we've been open. What an amazing gift to get once again for our anniversary.

Speaking of our anniversary, watch for a list of events showing up soon.
Cape Run
Mystery Ride
Anniv Beer Release
Keeper Glass
Rare Beer Lunch
and more...