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Monday, April 5, 2010

BBBTC Results are in and...

...congratulations you're all losers!

Yep, between Thursday and Sunday we had 87 entries in our Big Bland Blind Tasting Challenge and while many of you were so very certain you had nailed it... none of you did.

Not one.
Not one in 87 people.
That's right, NOBODY got all 6 right.
In fact, NOBODY got 5 of them correct.
In fact, NOBODY got 4 of them correct.

But 17 of you got 3 of them correct.

That makes you all losers, but in our book, that means... you are all winners.

But we needed an official winner so sticking to our weird obsession with wacky numbers, we randomly pulled 3 winners from those that got 3 correct and each of those three people will receive 1/3rd of the original $100 prize: that's $33.33 in Blind Lady Gift Card.

And those people are:

Jeff Blankman
Ben Lapidot
Rob Liwanag

Congratulations, boys, you deserve a tasty craft beer, or three.
And thanks to all who participated.

Maybe with 720 combinations we needed 633 more entries?

1. Miller high Life
2. Bud Light
3. Coors Light
4. Pabst
5. Tecate
6. Keystone Light

MGD (Miller Genuine Draft)

Tecate--36 people picked this one out correctly
Followed by Keystone Light at 25 people

It's the most popular light beer in the world, but only 18 people got Bud Light right.