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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Win a Bike! Get a Glass! Drink Beer!

Oops, wrong order. Should be: Drink a beer, (potentially) get a glass, (maybe) win a bike!

In honor of Labor Day weekend, which is fast approaching, we are honoring the hardest working beer in the business: LAGERS. (The working man's beer, sort of. It's a stretch, but roll with it.) This is how we are honoring: we are serving them up in fancy glasses that we will give away to the first lucky people to visit during those times (give us a minute) and we are giving away, as in a RAFFLE (or we think the legal term is OPPORTUNITY DRAW) to win a very cool TRUMER PILS URBAN CRUISER (with seven speeds!) As in a bike! It's hanging in BLAH right now! This is a lot of exclamation points!

So starting this evening, you can get a raffle ticket (nee, opportunity draw ticket) for $1 or your wingspan worth of tickets for a $20. The draw will go all the way to the end o' Sunday night when we pick a ticket from the box and voila! That lucky person will get the bike. You need not be present to win.

But wait! There is more!

On Friday we will open with our classic $2 progressive cask (this week's cask is Sierra's Cask-Aid, get it? Cascade hops, it's a cask, we are full of puns around here) and then at 5pm we will break out the first GLASS GIVEAWAY of the weekend. What will it be? Trumer Pils, of course. And with each purchase of a Trumer, you get 2 tickets for the raffle. And the first 90 people or so get to keep the glass.

Then on Saturday, we open with ANOTHER GLASS GIVEAWAY. The beer? Avery Joe's Pils. We have a limited supply of Avery glasses to give away right at 11:30 am when we open, per person please, as supplies last, and no, you don't get a free raffle ticket with that beer. That's a mouthful. But wait, there is even more...

On Sunday we will have our final GLASS GIVEAWAY of the holiday weekend: Prima Pils from Victory. Same rules apply, one per, as supplies last. We open at 11:30 and that's when we bring out the glasses.

Then on Monday, when we said we'd be open and showing some cool movie, well, we lied. We decided to close. So enjoy your Monday Labor Day celebrations... elsewhere.

Bye bye, August... Hello, September.