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Sunday, June 23, 2013


This week we have a Summer Saison Flight, RuinTen Side-by-Side Cask & Draft on Wednesday, and Hangar 24 Local Fields flights on Friday.

Friday, June 28th starting at 11:30am

Hangar 24 was the first beer delivery ever made to Blind Lady Ale House. So, we love getting the chance to celebrate their amazing beers every chance we get. This weekend we're so happy to be putting on a flight of H24 "Local Fields" beers. Check out the flight list and be amazed!

Hangar 24 Polycot 7.2%
Polycot is a wheat beer brewed with hundreds of pounds of organic apricots grown in Southern California’s High Desert. We brew this beer during the very small window of time when the apricots are at their peak of freshness, usually early July. The pureed apricots add a wonderful fruit flavor to the beer and combine with the wheat for a refreshing tart finish. This  beer goes down smooth, but at over 1.5 times the alcohol of the Orange Wheat, it will sneak up on you.
Hangar 24 Palmero 7%
For our second Local Fields Series offering we looked to match a Belgian classic with the sweetness of Southern California Dates. Palmero is a traditional Abbey Dubbel with a healthy addition of dates from the Coachella Valley. Fruity esters from the Belgian yeast strain combine with a delicate date sweetness. This beer is full of flavors of caramel, raisin, rum and spice.
Hangar 24 Vinaceous 8.7%
The first beer in our Local Fields Series, Vinaceous was created to combine the best characteristics of wine and beer. Brewed in the style of an English Old Ale, this beer deviates from tradition with an ample addition of freshly crushed Mourvedre grapes from Temecula. Vinaceous pours a deep burgundy color and boasts flavors of rich malt, brown sugar, dark berries and a touch of oak in the finish.
Hangar 24 Gourdgeous 8.5%
It's time to usher in autumn with this robust porter. Using pumpkins grown just a half mile from the brewery, Gourdgeous also features traditional pumpkin pie spices and molasses. Rich with notes of dark chocolate, pumpkin pie, and sweet caramel, it's the perfect pour for when the days get shorter.
Hangar 24 Essence 8.5%
This beer is the essence of Southern California. A traditional west coast IPA with a distinct copper hue, enhanced by generous additions of navel oranges, sweet blood oranges and grapefruit, all grown in Redlands, CA. The citrus flavors and aromas intensify the zesty cascade and zythos hops to deliver a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. An invigorating beer with a  pleasant, defining bitterness, perfect for warm weather.
Hangar 24 Warmer 7.8%
This rich, strong ale neatly balances caramel malts and spices, providing warmth on a cool winter day. Every fall, we trek up the San Bernardino Mountains to harvest fresh spruce, then carefully add just the right amount of cinnamon and maple syrup to create our Warmer. It's a lightly hopped, tantalizing ale with festive notes of maple, spruce and spice; a nice complement to a cooler time of year.

Starts Tuesday June 25th at 11:30am

Celebrate summer 5 ounces at a time with this light, refreshing, summery flight of domestic saisons. Flight starts Tuesday at 11:30am, but should be on for a few days. Pairs well with our $10 Margherita and Local Greens lunch special.