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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sunday, August 11th 
Sunday, August 11th, 10am-4pm
6 Hours of Car-Free Streets
Will this be the best bike day in San Diego EVER? We'll be meeting at BLAH around 9:30am and heading over to the event as a group. Join us and be sure to wear your best summer whites.

Then join us after the ride for 20%! Just prove you participated. Show us a photo, some schwag from the event, anything that puts you there w/o a reasonable doubt and you'll get the discount.

Here's a quick note from the people putting on the event:
Please join us in supporting CicloSDias -- San Diego’s first-ever open streets community-wide event. 
CicloSDias will open 5.2 miles of car-free streets in the heart of San Diego to pedestrians, cyclists, families, and anyone who can imagine a new way to use them.
This is an exciting opportunity for neighbors and community members to come together and enjoy open, car-free streets on Sunday, August 11th. This event supports a clean, healthy and vibrant San Diego. What’s more, ‘open street’ initiatives in other cities have proven to be a powerful catalyst, driving those cities to become more walk-able, bike-able, and transit friendly.
We are asking you to invest in San Diego with a donation to help launch CicloSDias.
The CicloSDias Steering Committee is seeking to raise the funds necessary to cover event-related expenses, including traffic re-routing and control, police, and emergency medical services, and community outreach efforts.
Please become a supporter of CicloSDias and DONATE today!
CicloSDias Route
From Logan Heights, on 30th Street @ K Street, to City Heights (Cherokee  Point Elementary School) via Golden Hill, South and North Park…the route (approximately 5.2miles) will be continuous through popular family orientated neighborhoods, including hundreds of businesses and in areas vocally and physically active in increasing the quality of life in this part of the City.

The bookends of the event are Cherokee Point Elementary School (3735 38th St, San Diego, CA 92105) and 30th Street at K Street intersection.

The route will make a small "loop" to include both 30th Street and Fern Street from Ash Street to Juniper Street.

Participants will walk, ride, stroll, shop in a counter clockwise direction that is free flowing at a low rate of speed.  Entry to the event route is also free-flowing meaning access to the route is available from any intersection during the CicloSDias hours of 10:00am – 4:00pm.

In order to accommodate residents, businesses, places of worship and to minimize any disruption, there are periodic crossings along the route.  These crossings will allow traffic to cross Wightman Street, Landis and 30th Streets at designated spots along the CicloSDias route.  Please click here for a the periodic crossing locations.

CicloSDias Hubs are spots along the route for participants stop and take a look around.  Hubs will have information stations, CicloSDias merchandise available for purchase, bike repair, portable toilets and other offerings.  Hubs are located at:
38th and Wightman
30th and Upas
30th and Ash

30th and K

Yep, just prove to us beyond a reasonable doubt that you rode and we'll give you 15% off. How can you prove it? Show us a pic from the ride, some schwag you picked up, etc.