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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honest Pint Goes National: San Diego's Blind Lady Certified

We just received confirmation from Jeff Allworth at the Honest Pint Project that we've been certified. Here's what he had to say:

"What a perfect exclamation point for this beery week: yesterday I received an email from Jenniffer Chase at the Blind Lady Ale House in San Diego. Attached was this lovely photo. Look carefully and you can see that the glasses are inscribed with a half-liter line, making them the extra-special gold standard of honest glassware. We'll have to update the website to include California--Blind Lady Ale House is now a Certified Purveyor of Honest Pints!
There's been a lot of talk of which city is Beer Town USA, and Denver and Portland tend to think it's a two-city choice. San Diegans differ, and if you click around the Blind Lady website, you can see why. Great food and great beer--just the kind of place to cool your heels with a nice honest pint. Folks in So Cal and folks visiting So Cal should take note and drop in for a pint."

At the Blind Lady Ale House our beers are priced
based on the amount you get in your glass.
We pour .25L into every piece of stemware and .5L into our Willi.
Glass sizes may vary, but the amount of beer you get doesn't.

A good head on a beer is a wonderful thing.
It allows the beer to open up and share its most subtle aromas with the drinker.
An expert pour will leave a head that is about the width of two fingers.
Most brewers take great care during the brewing process
to maintain a beer's proper head-forming properties.