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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blind Lady at the Blind Tasting : GABF 2009

Last year, after years of being invited but missing out, Lee finally got a chance to judge beers at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver! GABF is not only the biggest beer festival in the world (with 1800+ different beers being poured!), but before the fest begins, GABF conducts the largest beer Competition in the USA.
Lee was honored to be judging in 2008, and excited to be invited back again this year!
He's looking forward to sitting in a windowless room in the basement of a high-rise hotel for 2.5 days, evaluating about 100 beers per day from tiny cups, as part of an international team of Professional Beer Tasters.

But this year, it's be even better. The BLAH team forms when Jeff and Bartender Andy arrive to tastes some of the beers at the festival... so when the Judging is over, the party gets started...in a windowless hall on the second floor of a convention center for 2.5 days, enjoying as-many-as-possible beers from tiny cups, as part of an international team of 40,000 less-than-professional beer tasters.
Things could be worse...