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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



The big news this week is that we (finally) got our real glassware in.
Long ago, before we opened, we ordered these beautiful half liter glasses so that we could serve you a larger glass of beer -- with a pour line -- and still have room for a nice head. They have finally arrived and will be replacing the non-stemware glasses that we currently use for the the 37cl serving size.

Some key points to take pleasure in:

• These are intentionally over-sized to 63 centiliters (0.63L, which is 21.5 oz), so that we can serve a true half-liter (0.5L, or 16.91ounces) of beer, and still have room for some foam on top. So yes, that means you will be getting a beautiful 0.13L of foam on top of your beer--all the while not getting short-poured any beer.

• The shape is great for function. It's big enough to allow your nose into fit into the glass, so you experience the beer more completely. Also because the upper edge tapers in (a bit like a coffin-shape), you can swirl the beer around while the taper helps form a nice foam on top without spilling out like a standard pint glass does.

• And, wait till you see it full of beer. It's really, well... sexy!

Thanks to Dutch at North Park Trophy for the engraving.


Hangar 24 beers are back! These guys don't have a distributor in the area, so they drive down some kegs every now and then for us and a few friends. We have the ORANGE WHEAT, PALE ALE, and IPA set to tap during the week.

Not exactly new, but a change: the Bruery's Berliner-Weisse is now being served with a splash of St. Louis Belgian Framboise (the Raspberry Lambic ale). This better mimics the German presentation, where Raspberry (or Woodruff) syrup is added to this style of beer to soften the acidic bite. Our use of a little Framboise in place of the syrup is an excellent touch: The result is a pinkish, slightly mouth-puckering sour ale with a lot of complexity, and a touch of Raspberry Lambic flavor. Where Syrups add a lot of sweetness, Framboise adds flavor. It is fantastically refreshing, and I hope it sticks around for a while...

We added Alpine's Willy Wheat, an American Wheat beer that is clean and refreshing. A nice, easy-drinking beer from our friends in rural east county.

And, of course, the Blind Lady's first house beer-- Automatic #1 will continue to be available until the batch runs out! This is the Organic Belgian single ale, with Ginger, Coriander, and Toasted Oak that I brewed at Mission Brewery last month. Complex and Refreshing.


Now, we don't want to carry many bottles, but this one is special: Russian River Brewing's Consecration is here! This is a Barrel-aged (6 months) sour ale with Currants added. It's really quite amazing... and also $35 a bottle. Since the supply is very limited, we are only selling it on Sundays. No really, only on Sundays.


We've added an Avocado Citrus Plate this week. We got some beautiful Oro Blanco grapefruits and Blood Oranges from Crow's Past Farm in Temecula and Aaron has paired them with avocado, mint, pecans and a chili vinaigrette. It's crazy good and delicious with the Framboise or the aforementioned Berliner-Weisse.

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