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Thursday, March 26, 2009


There's a great reason to pick up the UT today. Inside the Night&Day section you'll find a very nice write up about the Blind Lady by Peter Rowe.

"My best friend's middle school was run by Irish nuns, a no-nonsense bunch with unforgiving standards. Once B.F. had the gall to question her grade on a history test: 99.
“Sister Bede, what did I get wrong?”
“Why isn't this 100 percent?”
The nun tut-tutted, then lowered the theological boom: “Only Jayzus is pairfect.”
Keep that in mind if you visit Blind Lady Ale House...." read more

We couldn't have said it better. We're an order-at-the-counter, scout-out-a-table and hang-out kind of a place.